Solo Props blades are made of hard rock Maple wood.  They are available in even sizes from 20″ to 32″ diameter.  They are a built to order item.  Please allow for up to 8-12 weeks for delivery.  The “X-Wide” blades may take longer due to the elaborate paint finishes.

Solo Standard Blades – These blades are the original prop blade profiles, in a Square or Round tip that Solo started out with.  Great for any type of aircraft.

Solo Custom Profile Blades – These blades are available in the same sizes as the Standard.  If you are looking for a certain aircraft blade profile like a Corsair, P-40, Wildcat, P-47, P-38, etc., there are 62 different blade profiles available listed.  As we develop other profiles they will be added to the list.

Solo “X-Wide” Series Blades – These blades are a new product!  The prop blank that we built these blades from are slightly wider, chord wise.  Gives us more abiltiy to replicate wide paddle blades or exotice shapes.  Currently we have approx. 14 new props in this category under development.  As they past test they will be added.  These blades come in a more limited number of sizes and options.  These blades replicate special props that are used on certain aircraft.

Solo “Specialty” Series Blades – These blades are a New addition in 2017!  These blades are made from our Solo Props standard prop blanks which are Hard Rock Maple.  The props in this category are special props that are limited in sizes but are made for certain aircraft.  Due to their more elaborate paint scheme the delivery time will be a little longer and I would allow for up to 8-12 weeks delivery time.

Note: All blades, hubs, spinners, and prop mounting kits are all sold separate.

If you dont see a certain prop blade profile that you would like, please contact us to discuss the possiblitles.  Thank you!