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Offering Excellent Propellers for Scale Models

Solo Props propellers offer quiet, high-performance operation and demonstrate quality workmanship with an exceptional paint finish.

The synchronized hub acts as the brain of the unit, doing all the pitch measurements and calculations for you. It's the first of its kind in the aviation industry.

To set pitch, simply turn a dial to the appropriate number of units. This rotates the blades to the desired pitch for the flight conditions of the day.

A quick reference PITCH CHART allows exact pitch adjustment within the 25-plus degrees of pitch change available. All calculations and measurements are eliminated. Take a quick test flight and then fine-tune the pitch to achieve the ultimate performance for your airplane.

Attaining optimum performance for any engine-airplane configuration requires testing propellers of various diameters, pitch settings, and even profiles. It takes both capital and patience to find the prop that suits your individual aircraft.

After finding the best match, the temperature, altitude, and flight parameters of each day will continue to cause your propeller's effectiveness to vary. Don't sacrifice your engine's potential by using an inadequate propeller.

Solo Props allows the same propeller unit to be transformed to produce the desired results for your airplane each day. A fine pitch setting may be used for circuits and aerobatics, whereas a coarse pitch can be set for speed and fluid flight.

If a different blade diameter or profile is desired, blades can be purchased separately, allowing a very economical solution to encompass even more variations within a single propeller unit.

The result is a propeller that is so diverse in its application that it can provide anything from proper engine break-in rpm to an extraordinary day of aerobatics in the field.

This line of Solo Props propellers comes in two, three, and four-blade configurations with several popular propeller blade profiles.

Solo Props blades are available in even sizes from 20” up to 32” in two, three, and four-blade versions, are precision balanced, and are ready to fly.